Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yielding... Again

I'm now in the market for a strong man to assist me in removing a public traffic sign. It happened again. I had to yield to Scuba Steve this morning. To make it worse, traffic was too congested to go around him on the interstate or to fall back and create some distance... so I had to ride directly behind him for the majority of the commute to work. At least I was a little more pulled together this time. My hair was dry and fixed and the only makeup I was still lacking was mascara, which I was in the process of applying (thank God for something to occupy my eyes so I didn't have to stare into his rear view mirror the whole time). Why am I running into him so often on the road now!? Part of me is glad for the run in because at least it lets me know that he is ok and still in town, but it couldn't be a worse time for me to have to see him (for many many reason that I won't go into here). I had myself faked out for a long time that I was all healed up from the extensive damage that he left behind (and I am a little), but I don't think that I'm ever going to be completely "ok" with him. Sometimes I think that moving out of this town would eliminate the stomach-dropping moments when our paths cross, but I have a feeling that no matter where I go fate would find a way to rub salt in the wound. For now, I think the most simple plan of action is to remove that damn Yield sign!