Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Brother

I fully admit that it's an obsession. I love this season of Big Brother so much that it's borderline pathetic. Hell, maybe it's even crossed the borderline now. I live for Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays so I can see what's been going on in that crazy house. I feel like I know then and like I'm just their invisible extra roommate all up in the middle of all the drama. It's sad, I know. You can judge all you want because I already know that's it pitiful. The obsession trumps my pride though. This week I have started following a website that summarizes the good stuff that happens during the 24-hour live feeds that you can subscribe to. That's the last thing I should have started because now I can't stop. I check it during the day in between doing work, as soon as I get home from work, before I go to bed... I'm actually losing sleep because I'd prefer to read up on BB and youtube excerpts from the live feed. I was so close to shelling out $40 bucks last night so I could subscribe. So close! I would never get anything done though. I would lose my job for watching BB feed all day. It's a sickness. This season is going to have to end soon so I can get my life back!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Those Wesleyan girls....

I have a mild obsession with reading vanity plates and vanity embellishments. I found myself at a red light behind this one today and couldn't help but just chuckle to myself in my car.

Thanks to:

AKA... My daughter is a lesbian and I'm finally OK with that because she went an "elite" private lesbian college.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mondays are Stupid

I am not in a good mood today. It's just soooo a Monday.

Work is redonk and I'll just leave it that. I woke up late. It was rainy and gross outside. Parking is absurd because today is early move in day for students. I made a last minute wardrobe change this morning that has left me sporting a dress that accentuates nothing but fat rolls. Today is my first day of class and I've already decided to skip it because I'm just not feeling academic today and I'm not prepared (aka I need to go school supply shopping). And I'm pretty sure that I just discovered my first deep-set wrinkle. See diagram below.

Mondays are stupid.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rough weekend =(

The good week turned into a rough weekend. Not that anything bad "happened" or anything. Actually very little happened at all this weekend. I've had a lot of down time, and while it's been relaxing, it's also given me a lot of time to think. For me, thinking time is bad! It always leads me back to "Surviorman". It all started last Thursday when I went to dinner with a friend and she asked about him, if I'd heard from him, etc. She asked if I would ever give him the time of day again anyway, and I knew that the answer was yes. Absolutely yes. Let me back track here...

About a month ago I got a random text from him. I couldn't open it though and the date stamp on it was 12/1/1999. Obviously that's incorrect and I don't know why my phone won't open the text. I can only see the first part of it that shows in the preview line. The same message actually came through twice. I know it's a new message, but I'm not positive when it was sent, why it makes my phone freeze up, what the message means. It has driven me crazy. This actually happened once before back around March, but I choked it up to a weird phone glitch and assumed that it wasn't really a new message. Now I'm wondering if I was wrong back then. What I can see of the recent message says, " I'm guessing I probably won't see you again and I don't..." WTF!?!? It is killing me not to know what the rest of the message says! After careful consideration and some calming assistance from my bestie, I replied to the message by saying that I received something from him but couldn't open it and that if he was trying to get in touch with me he could do so by email. That was almost a month ago and I haven't heard anything. I effing hate my cell phone right now. What a cruel frigging joke this little gadget is playing on me. I've tried to put it out of my mind since then, but the conversation with my friend last Thursday just opened up the gates to a lot of second thinking. What if the phone Gods have screwed with our connection both ways and he didn't get my response? What if he doesn't have my email address anymore? What if he has been trying to break the silence and test the waters via text since March and I have been ignoring him without even knowing it? I can't stop thinking about it.

In addition to thinking about all of that, I've also picked this weekend to try to clear out the old text messages from him that have been saved in my phone for over a year now. Strange timing, I know. I guess I thought that maybe if I clear some of that out it would help clear my mind, but that's not what happened. On top of that, there's a tropical storm in the gulf. This time last year I was ecstatic when there was a hint of a hurricane in the gulf. It meant that there was a chance that his base would lock down and he would get a few free days to come visit during the week. We had some of our best long weekends together because of last years hurricane season. Now, it's just another storm bringing a bunch of rain. Nothing to look forward to anymore, just depressing rain. And tonight was 'Army Wives' night. Sunday nights are always consumed with missing him because Army Wives reminds me of the lifestyle that we had talked so much about, the lifestyle that I was ready to take on just to be with him. I shouldn't watch it anymore, it would make it easier, but I can't help it. It's like crack.

So here I am, eight months out from the last time we actually spoke and it all still comes back to him. FML.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's a good week!

This week has been pretty enjoyable! I haven't had one of those in a while, so I'm very pleased about it.

I kicked the week off by going to see one my students in a play. She's so very theatrical and hilarious. I love her to bits. She was Lucy in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and she made Lucy the star for sure. It was quite entertaining! I should really get out more on Sundays and enjoy what the community has to offer more often.

I followed that up with a great haircut on Tuesday. I went for the first picture in the previous post, because I'm chicken and wasn't quite ballsy enough to do anything too drastic. It isn't identical obviously, but it looks good on me and I've gotten a lot of compliments so far. It's a familiar style that I'm comfortable with, but just a little more pulled together and stylish. I'm really happy about it. A good 'do can make you feel nice all over.

Last night I had a fun road trip with my mom. We drove up to Atlanta so I could map out my preferred route to campus and see where my class was and everything. It was great just to have some time together to get caught up and chit chat. I treated her to a delicious dinner for riding with me. I also fell in love with Dunwoody while we were riding around. If I move up to Atlanta after the first of the year, I think I am going to try to locate myself in that area. It's so pretty and everything is so nice and cozy feeling. The idea of moving to Atlanta is becoming more and more appealing.

Tonight I am going to scope out my other class in the next town over (I'm a planner, can't you tell?!). I'm picking up a friend along the way and going to dinner afterwards. She's my closest friend geographically and we don't see each other as much as we should. It's hard to mesh our schedules when we are both so busy, but we are going to try to make it more of a priority. I'm excited to catch up with her and just as excited to just get out of the house on a week night!

I hope next week is just as great as this week has been!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tiff's 'Do

I've found a haircut with bangs that I am very tempted to try to pull off. As some of you know, I would love to look like Tiffani Thiessen. Well, that's not going to happen in this lifetime, but I do love her hair right now. It can best be seen in the 'Funny or Die' skit that was taped not long ago, in which she makes fun of her recent lack of work by saying that she can't make the Saved By the Bell reunion because she's too busy. If you haven't seen you shoud watch it, it's pretty funny. I love it when celebs can poke fun at themselves.
I'm drifting off subject... I can't get the video clip to load here, so I found a few pictures that show the essence of her 'do. I'm a little afraid that I may not be able to pull off bangs that are so short, but it's so tempting because it would be a fun change. What do ya think?

Friday, August 7, 2009

School Days in the Fast Lane

How ridiculous is that that I have to take two classes this fall in two separate cities, neither of which is the city in which I live? I think it's absurd and annoying, but I'll do what I must to finish this hellish MBA program and just have it behind me.

I have one class in the next town over, so that's not so bad. I can handle a 30 minute commute after work. The bigger headache with this class is that my tetanus shot has expired and I have to get a new immunization to remove some hold from my account. Now I work at a University, so I understand that there are requirements that must be met, but come on people! You want to make sure that I don't have TB and infect all of your student body. I get it. But what does my immunity to tetanus really matter in the grand scheme of things? I swear I'm not going to search out rusty nails on campus to stab myself with in hopes of a windfall lawsuit. Luckily, I was able to use my position as a higher education administrator to persuade them to issue me a professional courtesy. They waived my hold for 30 minutes so I could get registered for this class before it was filled up. I still have to go get a stupid tetanus shot though. Have you been to your local health department lately? Well I have. I went on my lunch break earlier this week in hopes of just running in, getting the damn shot, and making it back to work within the hour. Needless to say, I left shot-less, afraid, and feeling kind of grimy. That was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I don't recommend it. And what really gets me is that I am going through all this trouble just to take an undergraduate class that I needed as a pre-req for the program, but didn't have. I've already passed the same class at the graduate level, but will they let me exempt the pre-req requirement? Noooo. Ridiculous.

The root of my stress, however, lies with the graduate class that I will be taking in Atlanta. It's only eight weeks long, once a week, and it's my same university (just a different campus) so I kind of know what to expect and I'm comfortable with it. Easy street, right? Uhmm, did I mention that it's in Atlanta? I'm terrified of driving in Atlanta! Terrified. I've been stressing about it non-stop for the past week. I said many, many years ago that 285 is my own personal hell and I stand by that to this day. But my other alternative is I-85 right up through downtown Atlanta in rush hour traffic. I don't know what I'm going to do. I plotted out a route via back roads, but that adds a half hour to the trip. Since I'm already going to have to request to take vacation time to make it to this class by 6pm, I don't think the back roads are an option.

I'm being absurd, aren't I? I know, I know. I just start having panic attacks when driving on the interstates in Atlanta. My palms get sweaty, my throat starts to close up, and my shoulders clinch up so tight that they are up by earlobes! I'm always scared I'm going to miss an exit and get lost, get run over by someone who thinks that 75 mph is a snail's pace, or that my car will break down or throw a tire in the middle of the interstate and I will have no clue what to do.

(Side story)
I haven't always been this way though. It started in college during an ill-fated trip to visit my boyfriend in Alpharetta. I was driving in the pouring rain on 285 late at night, and due to crappy direction and limited visibility I got off at the wrong exit. I was desperately lost! I ended up in some po-dunk unincorporated community near Social Circle. I don't think I could have gotten father from Alpharetta if I had tried intentionally. It was after midnight, raining, and I had no idea how to get anywhere. Finally, said boyfriend had to stay on the phone with me and be my navigation system with the help of internet maps, but I made it! So you can understand my apprehension on the way home a few days later. I decided to avoid 285 altogether and just drive straight through Atlanta. I was doing fine until all of a sudden I realized that my lane had turned into an exit completely unannounced. It was too late to do anything about it and before I knew it, I was in Techwood. Now I hear that after the Olympics, certain parts of Atlanta have drastically improved and that's great. However, this was pre-Olympics! My stance is that whenever you find yourself in a location that you have heard about in rap songs, it's not good. Insert panic attack. So you see, my fears aren't completely unfounded!

I digress...

If any of you have any tips or suggested routes to get to the northeast corner of the perimeter during rush hour send them my way! Wish me luck, I'm skeered.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snip Snip

Don't ask me what I was thinking, because I'm still not really sure myself. Maybe it was the style tip I read about what is "in" for the fall, maybe it was the co-worker who I was staring at during my staff retreat, maybe it was the grotesque feeling I got when looking at pictures of myself from the weekend, maybe it was just time for a change, or maybe it was a combination of them all. All I know is that Saturday morning I woke up and took the scissors into my own hands, literally.

Bangs. I cut myself bangs.

Now I have snipper's remorse. They turned out shorter than I wanted, despite my attempt to start out long and work my way up if needed. I was going for the long side swept look and instead I look like a 12 year old who had gum stuck in her hair. I've tried a few different styling products to help make the best of them, but as of today the best fix is a bobby pin. Now I'm torn between waiting it out until they grow into the long wispies that I envisioned or just going for it with thicker "facial" bangs that might help mask my scissor snafu it would be something different at least. Either way, I'm seeking professional help.

Drinking with Co-workers

The retreat wasn't so bad! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. This year, there was minimal "meeting" and lots of socializing. It's amazing how much work relationships can change when there is a lot of booze involved.

Annoying-new-girl-at-work still got on my nerves every minute of the trip, but I ended up bonding with the bitch of the office over our shared hatred of her. It's great to know that I'm not #1 on her shit list anymore.

There was a good bit of company funded pre-drinking before our evening outing of bowling. Then I was so tipsy (since I rarely drink these days) that I thought it would be a fabulous idea to order a round of jello shots. Yes folks, I tossed back some jello shots with the work peeps. The bowling scores were down, but the fun was up! I made some highly inappropriate comments about (and to) our hottie hottie 24-year old twins in our division and took advantage of every opportunity for physical contact, no matter how slight. I contributed to conversations that I would normally never have in front of co-workers, including such taboo subjects as anal bleaching. Yeah. WTF? And at the end of the night, me and two of my most fun co-workers decided to break into the pool area and take a dip in all of our clothes. Well two of us did. One was so blitzed that she actually stripped down. It was so much fun and it made me feel young again. Who knew you could have so much fun drinking with co-workers?! But now it's back to reality and everything has returned to suck-ville. I'm not convinced that our office would be much more functional and pleasant if we had a daily cocktail brunch.